Message from the Executive Director


Aloha mai kākou!

I am so grateful for the very special privilege of serving Hui Aloha Kīholo as its Executive Director.

Kīholo is a cultural and environmental kīpuka, a place that expands your senses, and pulls you into the present moment, even as it is flanked by urban expansion. She’s the catalyst for personal restoration and invigoration, for families to come together, to live and practice traditions which feed our physical and spiritual well being. However, to leave our conversation there would be to exclude the broader kākou, the winged, the finned, the shelled, and leaved which call Kīholo home and are part of the natural balance and whole.

This is a lesson of Kīholo - to aloha all walks of life, to honor diversity, the initial encounters, and the depths of knowledge.

My role as Hui’s Executive Director is to empower our staff and community to build the organization needed to honor Kīholo. Our vision that Kīholo Bay is perpetuated as a culturally and environmentally thriving part of the ahupua‘a system of Pu‘uwa‘awa‘a is possible through broad partnerships, and a commitment to the values set forth by the hui.

With deep gratitude and aloha,

Nahaku Kalei