Under a Curatorship Agreement with the Hawaiʻi State Parks, our Hoa ʻĀina Rangers manage camping at Kīholo. Camping is only allowed on weekends (Friday through Sunday nights) and camp sites are located fronting the 'ili'ili (pebble) beach. Sites may be reserved up to 30 days in advance and reservations made through the State of Hawaiʻi website.

Hui Aloha Kīholo hosts over 12,000 permitted campers annually. This is one of the only partnerships in the State where a community-based nonprofit works with the State of Hawai`i to manage a public campground.

Hui Aloha Kīholo receives no funding from the State of Hawaiʻi for camping management. A $49 donation sponsors the management of one campsite for one week.

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As a place of quiet beauty, solitude, rest, and reflection, it allows people as well as other creatures of the land and sea to thrive.

wilderness campground

Travel to campsites is along a gravel access road. Campsites are located in a shaded kiawe (mesquite) grove fronting an 'ili'ili (pebble) beach.

WHat to know before you go:

  • There is no potable water or showers.

  • Porta potties are the only restrooms available.

  • Park entrance gates are closed and locked between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am.

  • Camping is allowed by permit only Friday through Sunday nights. Sites may be reserved up to 30 days in advance at the State of Hawaii permitting website.

  • Overnight parking permits for campers are issued as part of the permitting process, and must be displayed during park closed hours or vehicles may be cited and/or towed at owner's expense.

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State Park RuleS:

  • No animal, including dogs with the exception of service dogs properly identified with paperwork and leashed.

  • Fires in fire pits only. No fires on the beach.

  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

  • FIREWORKS AND FIREARMS: Use or possession of fireworks, firecrackers, explosives, firearms and other weapons is prohibited.

  • FIRES: Fires are allowed only in the fireplaces and grills designated by State Parks. Do not cut trees for firewood. Portable stoves or warming devices may be used in designated camping and picnicking areas unless otherwise prohibited. Dump live coals only in designated ash pits or receptacles.

  • GENERATORS: Operation or use of any portable electric generator is prohibited, except with a special use permit.

  • PETS and other animals are prohibited in campgrounds.

  • NUDITY is prohibited.

  • VEHICLES: Drive and park motor vehicles only on

  • designated roads and parking areas provided or posted for

  • such usage. All vehicles parked overnight require parking permits issued with camping permits.

  • WASTE DISPOSAL: Place all waste in provided trash cans only and pack out all trash from wilderness parks.

  • NOISE: Do not operate or use any audio device, television or musical instrument in such a manner and at such times so as to create excessive noise or nuisance.

  • WILDLIFE: Leave the wildlife and their habitat undisturbed except where hunting and fishing is permitted subject to all applicable laws and regulations.

  • PLANTS: Leave all plant life undisturbed. Where permitted, reasonable quantities of fruits and seeds may be gathered for personal use.

  • NATURAL AND CULTURAL RESOURCES: Leave all geological, historical, and archaeological features undisturbed.

  • Help Report Violations: The DLNRTip app is a smartphone application that encourages people to anonymously provide Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) with factual information leading to the arrest of anyone who poaches or harasses protected wildlife species, pollutes, or violates any State conservation resources rules. DLNRTip is available for download for free via the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, or by visiting the DOCARE website. DOCARE will also continue to take calls and tips on its Statewide Hotline, 643-DLNR or 643-3567.